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About Grammy Tammy's Maine Adventures

My passion is to get my books in the hands of kids that want to learn how to read or create their own adventures. These stories are designed to teach children the importance of family and exploring the beautiful world we live in. The handmade accessories I sell on my website are themed to go with the stories I write. Having your child snuggle up to one of my themed comfort bags as you read to your child adds another dimension to my heartfelt books. Have them wear the wish necklace and make a wish just as Kendall did in the Kendall's Wish story. 

Description of books 

Would you like an exciting true story for your child or grandchild at bedtime, fun time or during down time? Check out the new books "Kendall's Wish" and "Hayden's Prize Bear" from the beautifully illustrated Grammy Tammy's Maine 

Adventure series. A book series of loving connections between a

grandparent and a grandchild. 

These FUN Maine Adventure stories will take your child or grandchild to another place that will spark their imagination, help with their reading skills and desire to learn more about

this beautiful world that we live in.

They will want to read these stories over and over again. They are a must have for any child's book collection. Start collecting Grammy Tammy's Maine 

Adventure series now with the first addition, Kendall's Wish and second addition, Hayden's Prize Bear.

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240 US Route Falmouth, Maine

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Creating Memories

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