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About Kendall's Wish

Join Grammy Tammy and one of her grandchildren for a fun-packed adventure. We’re going on a Maine adventure. We’re going to see everything from a cool lighthouse to an out-of-control seagull and everything in between. This is a journey they will never forget.
Will you come along too? Follow Grammy Tammy and her five-year-old granddaughter Kendall as they go on their journey but before they go, Grammy Tammy gives Kendall a backpack with three important items inside to help with the adventure. She can't look inside until the time is right. Along this adventure, Kendall makes a wish.
What will she find inside her backpack? What was her wish?
You'll have to read this beautifully illustrated heartfelt story to find out.

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About Hayden's          Prize Bear

Join Grammy Tammy and her grandson Hayden for a fun-packed adventure. 

They're going on a Maine adventure and will see everything from wild lions to baby fawns and everything in between!  

In this beautifully illustrated, heartfelt story you'll get to find out what's inside the backpack that Grammy Tammy has given Hayden, and help him find all the bear paw prints along the way!

Will you come along on this exciting day they won't ever forget?

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Grammy Tammy's  Maine Adventures

"The best children's book I've read and seen in a long, long time."

by Maddy French

Another five-star review for this beautiful new Kendall's Wish book filled with loving connections between a grandparent and grandchild that's colorfully illustrated. This Maine adventure book will inspire young children to explore within their own imagination.

Great gift idea

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