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I bought Kendall's Wish book for my daughter for her birthday gift.
I've read it to her many times by request by my daughter.  She never wants to put the book away. That's possibly the best compliment for a book I know!

Stacey Parker

We love this book. I have as much fun reading it as my daughter has hearing it and looking at the pictures. A sweet story between and grandparent and a grandchild in a Maine adventure and a charming story with lovable characters.

Amanda Davis

This is a fun story to read children's book! Important, because you’ll end up reading it 1000 times. It has helped my son and daughter to be better readers. With the bold letters and easy to read sentences makes it a must have learning to read book.

kim Collins

Testimonials: Testimonials

A great wholesome story. I absolutely loved reading it to my grandkids. The unpredictable plot kept the kids engaged the entire book. You definitely can't go wrong with this must have children's book.


I loved this book for my kids. It was a great fun story. My kids were invested in the story when I read it to them. The pictures and the colors of the book are beautiful. It was an easy ready and a book earlier/young readers could practice with. Highly recommend


This is a must buy book! The story and illustrations are so cute and my daughter is constantly asking me to read it to her! Highly recommend 🙏🏼A+++++++


Testimonials: Testimonials
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